JCI Expat
Csilla utca 7/B.

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Információ: JCI Expat Budapest (legal name Fiatal Vezetők Egyesülete) is centered around the Budapest international community. Comprised of both expats, foreign nationals residing in Hungary and Hungarians with affinity to the international community, JCI Expat Budapest organizes year round events in English. JCI Expat Budapest is teamed up with JCI Amsterdam International and has good contacts with several International JCI Clubs.

The JCI Expat Budapest chapter has around 25 members from a minimum of three different continents. There is always someone from your part of the world within our organization! Activities of JCI Expat Budapest focus around five pillars:

  • Management In Practice (MIP)
  • Entrepreneurship testimony
  • Business networking
  • Active citizenship
  • Social and teambuilding events

In the field of MIP the JCI Expat Budapest has visited the New Metro construction, looked behind the scenes at the National Museum and did some great shooting at the Korda Filmstudio’s. Inspiring entrepreneurs like Gábor Bojár (Graphisoft) and Michele Orzan (EuCham) shared with us their secrets to successful business in Hungary.

On the social side, the JCI Expat Budapest organizes a yearly Balaton Sailing and Training weekend at the end of August. This 3 day event brings out the best in all of us, especially when it comes to the party time!

The JCI Expat Budapest is one of the most dynamic chapters in Hungary and we are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events! Check out our site for more information and our program!


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