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 altThis summer, from 11/06 till16/06, JCI Szeged (Hungary) and JCI Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) created together the one week educational camp dedicated to Aprende Ingles y Cuida el Medio Ambiente theme for kids living in poor circumstances in and around La Cienaga village.

During the week we had computer aided English lessons for groups of children aged 10-12. Children took home every day the printed bilingual teaching material in order to get prepared for the next day oral test of their new knowledge. On the last day of the camp, Saturday morning we collected the garbage, cleaned the surrounding and in the afternoon we had a presentation on the importance of collecting the plastic
garbage, after that during the closing ceremony the participants were recognized with a certification. We believe, next year we can educate even more children and we will set up a good relationship with the local schools also in order to give extra education to the students after the school time also.alt

In case you want to join us in this extraordinary educational program as a volunteer teacher or as a sponsor please do not hesitate to contact us at  Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.


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